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non-beach vacations in France

Best Non Beach Summer Travel Destinations

How about if we dive into the non-beach vacations and see if we can have a great time without sand? Can we? Sure! Summer is a popular season for both the young and old, with the majority planning to travel to their favorite destination. Spending time on the beach while soaking in the sun is…

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Best luxury glamping in Europe

Best Luxury Glamping in Europe

The glamping craze is taking over the world of outdoor adventures with many people seeking to experience luxury when camping. It is a great way to relax and connect with nature without the hassles of regular camping. Fortunately, the increase in the number of locations offering posh camping has made it easier to choose a…

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Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos in Finland

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo Village

Kakslauttanen is the most stunning glass igloo village you can find in Finland. If you’re looking for the best place to enjoy nature and the Northern Lights, then this spot in Saariselka, Finland, is the location you need to stay in! How to get to Kakslauttanen glass igloo village in Finland Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is…

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where to stay camping in Plitvice

Where to Stay in Plitvice Lakes Croatia

If you’re just starting to plan your trip to Croatia and you’re wondering where to stay in Plitvice Lakes, then we’ve got you covered. From rustic lodges to deluxe accommodations, we’ve researched the perfect spots from which you can choose. Where Should I Stay When Visiting Plitvice Lakes? If you want to be right in…

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spring travel destination

Best Spring Travel Destinations

Spring travel destinations are numerous, making it possible for you to travel regardless of your schedule. The season signals the end of the cold weather and the beginning of warmer days. Springtime travel is also characterized by fewer crowds giving you a chance to visit popular attractions without queuing or bumping into too many people….

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