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Balea Lake The Most Impressive Glacier Lake in Romania

Balea Lake is yet another impressive attraction in Romania with a great landscape. So what makes the lake so special? The road that leads to the lake itself as well as the stunning landscape are spectacular. Also, located right next to the lake is Eastern Europe’s first ice hotel.  And just as with other impressive…

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Everglades National Park – Wildlife and Excitement

Everglades National Park in the state of Florida is located in the bayous to the southwest of the city of Miami and it’s known for being one of the most iconic wetlands in the United States. What was once called the “River Of Grass” by the Seminole Indians who inhabited the area has now become…

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Best placces to visit in Brisbane Australia

Top Places to Visit in Brisbane, Australia

When most people think of the top places to visit in Brisbane Australia, they mostly think of the outback, or its largest and most well-known destination of Sydney. However, there is a city that should be considered on your list of places to visit here in Australia. Regarded as one of the world’s most livable…

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turda salt mine

Turda Salt Mine An Underground Amusement Park

First documented on May 1, 1271, Turda salt mine is the world’s largest salt mine museum. Located 120 meters below the surface of the earth, this underground attraction has amazing features and amenities that will leave you spellbound. Take a tour of one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Turda Salt Mine –…

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Transfagarasan – A Unique Highway

Transfagarasan is proof that there’s much more to Romania than the famous Transylvania. To see the beauty of this charming European destination, you’ll have to pass through the major mountain range. Flying is a great option, but you’ll miss all the beautiful sights along the route. To enjoy every bit of your vacation, take time…

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