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what to do at home coronavirus

How Does COVID-19 Affect Tourism and What to Do at Home

What to do at home is a question that comes up on everybody’s mind. But now it seems to be a frequent thought, as the new coronavirus is spreading on the Globe. If you’re wondering if the new coronavirus COVID-19 affects tourism, it is clear by now that most tourist sites are starting to look…

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what to do in Porto Portugal

What To Do in Porto for a Week

When you are planning your next vacation in Portugal, Porto is the city that you must concentrate on. It is way smaller than Lisbon, but Porto has become the destination of choice among several tourists around the world. Why not? Porto is packed with some of the best attractions and is full of surprises. The…

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hidden places in Spain

Hidden Places in Spain Explore Something New!

Explore the best hidden places in Spain that will offer you a unique and authentic experience of the Spanish lifestyle! You will be amazed once you see them! Spain is a country that will offer you variety in its geography and cultures. It is a place of 17 autonomous regions. Also, its capital, Madrid, is…

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Giethoorn the Netherlands Water Village

Giethoorn is a tranquil village located in Overijssel, a province in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The village comprises of thousands of thatched farms spread all over the area and connected by hundreds of bridges. The picturesque water village is accessible by boat or foot with only a few roads leading up to the…

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non-beach vacations in France

Best Non Beach Summer Travel Destinations

How about if we dive into the non-beach vacations and see if we can have a great time without sand? Can we? Sure! Summer is a popular season for both the young and old, with the majority planning to travel to their favorite destination. Spending time on the beach while soaking in the sun is…

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