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Veramar Beach Hotel, Kranevo, Bulgaria

Veramar Beach, Kranevo, Bulgaria

This was the first time I went to Kranevo, Veramar beach, in Bulgaria. Although I heard that the seaside in Bulgaria is great, never had the chance to visit it. And I thought, why not? So, I booked 3 night at Veramar Hotel, all-inclusive, in July 2020. Why did I choose Kranevo for a short…

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Port Cultural Cetate Dinescu location

The Cultural Harbor / Port Cultural Cetate

Let’s start with the end: yes, you need to visit the Cultural Harbor of Dinescu! Or, as locals know it: Port Cultural Cetate. Now, let’s take it at a slower pace. Have you ever felt the urge to just escape this madness? All the fuss and horns, traffic and everybody rushing here and there? Well,…

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Medieval town of Colmar, France

The Medieval Village of Colmar

Colorful streets, pretty buildings, and scenic canals are the main reason thousands of tourists visit the medieval village of Colmar in France. The village resembles a town straight out of a Disney storybook and is an inspiration for many fairy tale films loved worldwide. Located in-between Germany and France, the medieval village of Colmar is…

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Glamping in Europe

Glamping in Europe Explore the Mountains

Camping has always been associated with spending time outdoors while using minimal survival supplies. However, this is changing with the introduction of glamping that introduces a luxury aspect to the entire camping experience. The popularity of glamping is rising worldwide. More and more spots worldwide are providing a luxury experience in a variety of outdoor…

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Best things to do in Da Lat Vietnam

Best Things to Do in Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat, which is fondly referred to as the city of Eternal Spring is a dream destination for both local and international travelers. The city is filled with natural scenery that comprises of forests, mountains and stunning highlands. Its temperate climate makes it a favorite destination for honeymooners and nature lovers that enjoy exploring new…

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