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best canyons in the world

Best Canyons to Visit Around the World

If you’re thinking of visiting at least one of the best canyons out there, then you should probably keep reading this post. You’ll find there are numerous canyons worth your time and probably you might have also missed some. While not all of them are popular world-wide, we’re sure that they will captivate you with…

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easter in europe holiday destinations

Easter in Europe – Best Destinations

Celebrating the Easter holidays is a big deal in most European countries. It is a calendar holiday with people traveling to see their loved ones and reconnecting with family. Visitors from other parts of the world also make their way to the continent to experience Easter in Europe. Fortunately, Europe has several holiday destinations perfect…

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Emen canyon in Bulgaria

The Emen Canyon in Bulgaria

Although it is not so popular amidst foreign tourists, the Emen Canyon is actually a hidden gem of Bulgaria. Limestone cliffs, great hiking trails and waterfalls – these all gather up to form a fantastic sight that you shouldn’t miss. This canyon will delight you with its vertical rocks of over 120m in height and…

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sunny beach bulgaria resorts

Sunny Beach Bulgaria – Mini Guide to Having Fun

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is one of the “must visit” spots for tourists from all over the world, while in this country. The popular destination features sandy beaches that stretch for almost 2.5 kilometers on the Black Sea. We visited Sunny Beach Bulgaria in August 2021 and loved it ever since. Its popularity is based on…

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Perfect Gifts For Travelers

How to Choose the Best Gifts For Travelers

We know how hard it is to find the best gifts for travelers, especially when you have friends that travel to all kinds of locations several times per year. Finding the perfect travel gift is something that can be extremely difficult, when you know that they’ve already gathered lots of cool things throughout their journeys….

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