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UNESCO virtual tour of Pompei

Virtual Tour of UNESCO Sites

Take a virtual tour of UNESCO sites that you haven’t yet seen. Explore and wander through nature, man made structures and stunning sites. All you have to do to is click on the photo you like most and savor the walk! Hike the Dolomites If you’re an outdoor person, then start your hike in the…

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Visit Windsor Castle virtual tour

Castle Virtual Tour

Have you ever thought that you could take a castle virtual tour while sitting on your couch? Well, today’s technology gives you just that! You can browse around the hallways, see lavish ornaments, stunning architectural designs and much more. All this at a 360 degrees angle. Just widen your screen and enjoy the virtual tour….

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Paris 360 Experience Virtual Tour

You might be wondering what is a Paris 360 virtual tour? While some of you already know, there are still a few that have never experienced a virtual tour before. A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing place, a full motion video of a location. Unlike a normal video or photo, it will…

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Virtual Disney Tours with kids

Fun Activities You Can Do – Virtual Disney Tours

These days it’s best if we stay at home and enjoy some quality time with our loved ones. But while grownups can handle this social isolation better, kids are anxious and ready for a trip anytime! That’s why, to keep everybody safe, we’ve found some great virtual Disney tours that will keep your children occupied…

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virtual tours at the zoo panda

Virtual Tours at the Zoo

You might be surprised to know that some zoos have virtual tours you can take from your home. To keep online visitors busy, they offer live webcams that allow you to see the animals in real time. Very few of us know that several zoos across the globe can be visited online. And if you’re…

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