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Decebal face carved statue in Romania

The Iron Gates in Romania

If, by any chance, you have heard or read The Golden Man (Az Arany Ember), published in 1872 in Hungary, then you are already a bit familiar with the history of the Iron Gates in Romania Ada Kaleh is mentioned in the novel as “No One’s Isle” and it becomes an almost mythical symbol of seclusion,…

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valley of the fairies

Clay Castle upon the Valley of the Fairies

If you thought Transylvania was home only to vampires, you will be quite surprised to know that it also houses a Valley of the Fairies. The Clay Castle in Porumbacu, Romania, is one of the most magical places you can visit, that coexists with nature and surroundings. As the name describes it, this Valley is…

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Experience Nature Bigar Waterfall

This moss coated fall was first uncovered to the world in 2013, when The World Geography placed it in a guide, among other 7 unique waterfalls around the world. Located in Caras-Severin, a County in South-West of Romania, this stunning green waterfall remained a hidden pearl of the area for quite some time. Untouched by…

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Popular Attractions in Rio Carnival, Samba, Bossa nova

Ever read one of those trip articles where you get consumed by the fantasting sights and wish you were there? This is what happened when I first read about Rio de Janeiro! I pictured it as a busy location, culturally alive, colorful and with majestic views. And so it was! 🙂 Visit Christ the Redeemer…

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Vacation in Hanioti, Greece

A small town located in the Halkidiki area – Kassandra, where the atmosphere here is definitely Greek, Hanioti is a busy resort where you can take a break from it all. If you’re looking for a mixture of adventure, sun and relaxation, then Hanioti needs to be on your list. And what would be the…

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