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best korean food

Best Food in South Korea You Should Try Eating

The best food in South Korea that you can eat are both nutritious and tasty! If you’re in South Korea and are looking for unique and delicious food, you won’t have to look very far. That’s because this culture has amazing flavors that don’t blend well just in your plate, but also in your mouth!…

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Halong Bay in Vietnam

Halong Bay

If this is the first time wanting to see Halong Bay, then you’re in for a treat! This place is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it boasts a magnificent beauty, that can barely be described in words. Rising from the emerald waters are gorgeous limestone mountains, all covered in lush greenery. This view…

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how to organize a trip abroad

How to Organize a Trip Abroad

If you’re wondering how to organize a trip abroad and you’re thinking you might be in over your head, don’t stress! Organizing a trip abroad requires careful planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But, rest assure, there are several online tools that can be of great help, including a travel checklist which we use…

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Vienna travel guide

Vienna Travel Guide

If you’re looking for an informative Vienna travel guide, then we bet we can surely provide the most amazing places you shouldn’t miss! Vienna is the capital city of Austria and one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. It’s known for its rich history, grand architecture, and vibrant arts and music scenes. We…

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visit Hurghada in December 2022

Visit Hurghada in December

Holiday in December and January If you’re planning to visit Hurghada in December then this is the article you should be reading. We just came back from a 7 days trip to Hurghada, Egypt that started on December the 28th and ended on January the 4th. You will read about the weather, what to pack…

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