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top 3 Ski resorts in Romania

The Best Ski Resorts in Romania

If you love winter sports, then you should consider these ski resorts in Romania. Why? Because the slopes are great, the view is breathtaking and you will find the people to be very friendly! Oh yes, and it’s fairly cheap! But, before we dive into the best ski resorts in Romania, you should know that…

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virtual tour of museum visit online

Virtual Tour of Museums That You Can Take For Free

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can take a virtual tour of museums? Well, you can! And it’s not as dull as you might think. Taking a virtual tour of museums has it’s pros and cons, but we’re only going to take the positive side of it 🙂 What if I told you…

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vietnam famous restaurant where to eat in vietnam

Vietnam Famous Restaurants – Where to Eat in Vietnam

Tourists often visit Vietnam because of its colorful colonial past, unique culture and mouthwatering cuisine. Food lovers that make their way to the Asian nation will realize that it provides a wide array of dishes for all types of palates. Although Vietnamese cooking borrows from a lot of influences such as French, Chinese, Cambodian and…

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