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skigyimes alpine coaster

Skigyimes Alpine Coaster in Romania

If you’re thinking you’ve seen it all in Romania, then that means you haven’t reached Skigyimes alpine coaster. The rural side of Romania is something that needs to be explored by everyone, especially the Northern side, in the mountains. You will find some amazing things to visit, see and simply be speechless. Nature has never…

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Pyramid of Cairo at sunset in Egypt

Where to Stay in Egypt – Best Hotels in Cairo

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, you should know before the best hotels in Cairo that are worth checking in! Find out which hotels are worth staying in while you’re visiting Cairo. We’ve summed up some of the best places to stay in Cairo with prices ranging from affordable to high end hotels. But,…

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what to do in Balchik

What to do in Balchik, Bulgaria

The coastal town of Balchik is a scenic paradise with hilly terraces that connect to the Dobruja plateau, and ultimately, the Black Sea. It is always buzzing with people, with the numbers reaching their peak during summer. The sprawling town has several attractions that make it ideal for vacationers taking a day trip or longer…

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Veramar Beach Hotel, Kranevo, Bulgaria

Veramar Beach, Kranevo, Bulgaria

This was the first time I went to Kranevo, Veramar beach, in Bulgaria. Although I heard that the seaside in Bulgaria is great, never had the chance to visit it. And I thought, why not? So, I booked 3 night at Veramar Hotel, all-inclusive, in July 2020. Why did I choose Kranevo for a short…

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Port Cultural Cetate Dinescu location

The Cultural Harbor / Port Cultural Cetate

Let’s start with the end: yes, you need to visit the Cultural Harbor of Dinescu! Or, as locals know it: Port Cultural Cetate. Now, let’s take it at a slower pace. Have you ever felt the urge to just escape this madness? All the fuss and horns, traffic and everybody rushing here and there? Well,…

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