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9 Best European Cities to Visit in Winter that You Shouldn’t Miss!

While the cold season is about to start, you are probably already wondering what are the best European cities to visit in winter? If you live in Europe, you could probably easily reach most of these cities. Either by train, car or plane, travelling in winter offers you a unique view and holiday-ish feeling. These…

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What’s a travel reward card and which is the best one ?

While browsing the inthernet, I found myself seeing lots of questions about what’s a travel reward card and which is the best one? There are a bunch of cards that will earn you travel rewards, but it is difficult to say which one works without knowing what you need. Would you rather have cold hard…

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Virgin Gorda Baths

The Baths of Virgin Gorda

Among the British Virgin Islands archipelago lies the famous Baths of Virgin Gorda, a true marvel of the Caribbean. Massive grey boulders rise from the crystalline waters to form jaw-dropping sights. The smooth stonework form tunnel-like paths that happy tourists can swim in or climb through. This magnificent natural trademark can be attributed to the…

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what to see in Namibia

What to Visit in Namibia – Stunning Places to See

It is a wonder how little people know about one of the most beautiful African countries and how many wonder what to visit in Namibia. There is so much to see and even more to do on an adventurous Namibian trip. Let’s look at strong reasons why you should travel to Namibia and some fascinating…

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