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Belogradchik Fortress Bulgaria

Visiting Belogradchik Fortress in Bulgaria

My very first trip to Bulgaria was visiting Belogradchik. I actually ended up there by mistake 🙂 I heard that Bulgaria had a great canyon that was worth visiting. Some friends went there and said it was delightful. Sure, I looked it up on the internet. Sure, I looked at the pictures. Yes, I even…

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Ninh Binh – Vietnam’s Hidden Treasure

Any traveler that visits Vietnam should not leave without enjoying the wondrous beauty that the legendary Ninh Binh has to offer. All of Ninh Binh is filled with hidden treasures from blissful floating paddy fields to magnificent picturesqueness of karst formations. The delightful landscapes are nothing short of poetic, the deep culture is unique, the…

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Beautiful view on Corvin castle in cloudy weather. Romanian landmarks

Corvin Castle – an Inspiration for Dracula

Corvin Castle, also known as the Hunyadi Castle – is located in Hunedoara county in Romania. It is considered to be one of the “seven wonders of Romania” and it is one of the largest castles in all of Europe. The castle is a key location in Romanian history and it is the largest medieval…

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Tel-Aviv from one of the many beaches on Mediterranean sea

Tel Aviv Things You Don’t Read About

Tel Aviv tourism is everything you read about and more. But if you’re making an article based on google searches, then you might be missing some things! Just returned from Tel Aviv and here I am blogging about it! I’ve read so many articles and watched youtube videos on what to do in Tel Aviv,…

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Decebal face carved statue in Romania

The Iron Gates in Romania

If, by any chance, you have heard or read The Golden Man (Az Arany Ember), published in 1872 in Hungary, then you are already a bit familiar with the history of the Iron Gates in Romania Ada Kaleh is mentioned in the novel as “No One’s Isle” and it becomes an almost mythical symbol of seclusion,…

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